Chadian Action for Unity and Socialism

Published 29th January, 2011

ACTUS is a communist party led by Fidèle Abdelkérim Moungar and was founded in 1981.

Part of the anti- Habré movement, ACTUS supported the 1990 offensive. In April 1993 Moungar became Prime Minister of the Sovereign National Conference which planned the transition to multi-party elections. However he was forced to resign in October 1993.

ACTUS took two seats in the February 1997 general election. In December 1997 it joined the Coordinated Armed Movements and Political Parties of the Opposition (CMAP).

They did not contest the 2001 presidential election and in the 2002 general election they won one of the 155 seats in the National Assembly. In June 2002 the sole deputy, Nderbé Kemnade joined the Federation Parliamentary Group formed by Federation, Action for the Republic (FAR).

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