Federation, Action for the Republic

Published 29th January, 2011

FAR is a strongly anti-Déby group led by Ngarlejy Yorongar a Southern Christian. It is a federalist party.

In 1996 the party leader led a campaign against corruption linked to oil deals. In 1997 the party fought the parliamentary election and won one seat.

Ngarlejy Yorongar was their presidential candidate for the 20th May 2001 election and took 6.35% of the vote. Subsequent to that election he and a number of other opposition candidates were arrested.
FAR went on to fight the 21st April 2002 parliamentary election where they won nine of the 155 seats.

When other political parties decided to sign the 2007 N’Djamena Accord, the FAR was the only party not to do so because they felt it was inadequate and not fully inclusive of all interested parties.

FAR is currently the third largest party in the National Assembly.

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