Patriotic Salvation Movement

Published 29th January, 2011

The MPS was founded in 1990 in opposition to the Hissenè Habré regime.

The MPS started life as a coalition of April 1 Action, Movement for Chadian National Salvation and remnants of the Chadian Armed Forces. The MPS launched an offensive against the Habré government in November 1990 and took power in the December. Idriss Déby their leader became the new President. The MPS has been the ruling party since that time.

Idriss Déby was the MPS Presidential candidate in the 1996 Presidential election and won in the second round, taking 66.09% against Union for Renewal and Democracy (URD) candidate Wadel Abdelkader Kamougué who received 30.91%.

In the May 2001 Idriss Déby won again, this time in the first round with 63.17%.

In the Parliamentary election of April 2002 the MPS won 113 out of the 155 seats in the National Assembly.

In the May 2006 presidential election Idriss Déby won the first round with 64.67% of the vote. This election was boycotted by a number of the opposition parties.

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