Rally for Democracy and Progress

Published 29th January, 2011

The RDP was founded in 1991 under the leadership of Lol Mahamat Choua.

Choua was the RDP candidate in the 1996 presidential election and came fifth in the first round with 5.93% of the vote. The party did not put up a candidates in the 2001 election because they decided to support the candidature of Idriss Déby. Nor did they stand in the 2006 presidential elections.

In the 1997 general election the RDP picked up three of 125 seats in the National Assembly and subsequently joined the pro- Déby camp. In the 2002 election they won 10 of the 155 seats.

In 2003 the RDP joined 19 opposition parties when it signed a memorandum demanding the better organisation of elections. On 17th November 2003 Choua and two RDP Ministers resigned from the government because of the moves by Idriss Déby to seek a, then unconstitutional, third term as President.

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