National Renewal

Published 14th November, 2013

The National Renewal or RN was founded on 29th April 1987 as a merger of the National Union Movement (Movimiento de Unión Nacional, MUN), the National Labour Front (Frente Nacional del Trabajo, FNT) and the Independent Democratic Union (Unión Demócrata Independiente, UDI) although the UDI left just under a year later. The party describes itself as Centre-right and believes in Conservatism, Liberal conservatism and Classical liberalism.

The party originally aligned itself with the 1980 constitution which had been introduced by the military regime but subsequently distanced itself from the regime.

In the 1989 general election the party won 29 of the 120 seats in the Chamber of Deputies as part of the right-wing Democracy and Progress alliance (this subsequently changed its name several times but is also mentioned as the Alliance for Chile, then the Coalition for Change and now just the Alliance).

In 1993 the RN won 29 seats but then started to lose support, gaining 23 seats in 1997, 18 seats in 2001, 19 seats in 2005 and 18 seats in 2009.

One of the leaders of the party was President Sebastián Piñera who served from 2010 to 2013.

The National Renewal is a member of the International Democrat Union (IDU) and the regional Union of Latin American Parties.

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