Party for Democracy

Published 14th November, 2013

The Party for Democracy or PPD was founded on 15th December 1987 by Ricardo Lagos Escobar as a political vehicle for the Socialist Party which was still banned. The party describes itself as Centre-left to Left wing and believes in Progressivism, Left-libertarianism, Social liberalism, Libertarianism and Reformism.

In the 1989 general election the party won 16 of the 120 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. In 1993 that number dropped to 15 seats but rose to 16 seats again in 1997 and then 20 seats in 2001 and 21 seats in 2005. In the 2009 election the party dropped back to 18 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

In 1988 the PPD joined with other left-wing parties to create the Concert of Parties for Democracy (ConcertaciĆ³n de Partidos por la Democracia) which is better known as ConcertaciĆ³n. It has been most successful in electing presidents, having won every presidential election until 2010. The presidents the PDC has supported include 1989, Patricio Aylwin; 1993, Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle; 1999, Ricardo Lagos and 2005, Michelle Bachelet. The party is supporting Michelle Bachelet again in 2013.

The Party for Democracy is a member of Socialist International and the Progressive Alliance.

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