Union for Democracy and the Republic

Published 13th July, 2012

The Union for Democracy and the Republic or UDR-Mwinda was founded in 1992 by André Milongo.

Milongo had been elected as interim prime minister from 1991 until 1992 in the transitional government and he led a broad coalition of parties known as the Forces of Change (FDC).

In the first multi-party elections in 1992 the party failed to win any seats, but in the 1993 elections they won one seat in the 125 seat National Assembly.

In the parliamentary elections of 2002 the party did better, winning six of the 153 seats in the National Assembly. Milongo was chosen as the main opposition candidate to stand against Denis Sassou Nguesso in the 2002 presidential election but he subsequently withdrew alleging widespread electoral malpractice.

In the 2007 parliamentary election the UDR-Mwinda won just one seat. Following André Milongo’s death in 2007, Guy Kinfoussia Romain was elected President of the party and formed the Alliance for the New Republic with several other parties.

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