Forces for Renewal

Published 16th November, 2011

Forces for Renewal is a party which was formed by a breakaway faction of the rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy – Goma (RCD – Goma) which was backed by Rwanda. The party was previously known as the RCD-Kisangani-Movement for Liberation (RCD-K-ML).

The party took part in the transitional government headed by Joseph Kabila in 2003 and was given 15 seats in the Transitional National Assembly.

In 2006 the party won 26 of the 500 seats in the National Assembly making them the fifth largest party. Subsequently they joined the government coalition of Joseph Kabilia where their leader, Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi became Foreign Minister.

In 2007 they won seven of the 108 seats in the Senate elections.

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