About political parties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Published 2nd March, 2011

Few political parties in the DRC are formed around political or policy positions. Most parties are personality led and will often operate at a very local level in order to secure some form of influence.

There are said to be 417 parties registered in the DRC of which we have been able to trace the names of 283. The parties listed with some information about them are those currently in the National Assembly and holding more than ten seats. There are around 67 individual parties in the parliament, the majority of which hold one seat.

Because of this fragmented nature, there are two main blocs within parliament.

The Alliance of the Presidential Majority is the major bloc which supports President Joseph Kabila and has the support of 11 parties and many more individuals. It holds 332 of the 500 seats in the National Assembly and is the governing alliance.

The Union for the Nation is an opposition bloc which supports Jean-Pierre Bemba, the runner up in the 2006 presidential election, and is believed to have the support of around 116 members of the 500 seat National Assembly.

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