Cabinet of Congo-Kinshasa

Evariste Boshab Mabudj Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Security
Thomas Luhaka Losenjola Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of PT-ICT
Willy Makiashi Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Employment, Labour and Social Welfare
Michel Bongongo Minister of State, Minister of Budget
Solomon Banamuhere Minister of State, Minister of Decentralization and Customary Affairs
Raymond Tshibanda Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Aimé Ngoy Mukena Minister of Defence and Veterans Reintegration
Alexis Thambwe Mwamba Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Keeper of the Seals
Ms. Louise Munga Mesozi Portfolio
Tryphon Kin-Kiey Mulumba Minister Responsible for Relations with Parliament
Lambert Mende Omalanga Minister of Communications and Media
Maker Mwangu Famba Minister of Primary and Secondary Education and Introduction
to the New Citizenship
Olivier Kamitatu Minister of Plan and Revolution of the Modernity
Jean-Claude Kibala Minister of Public Functions
Fridolin Kasweshi Minister of Infrastructure and Public Works
Henry Yav Mulang Minister of Finance
Modeste Bahati Lukwebol Minister of National Economy
Bienvenu Liyota Ndjoli Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development
Mrs Kudianga Bayokisa Minister of Trade
Germain Kambinga Minister of Industry
Kabwe Mwewu Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock
Bolengetenge Balela Minister of Land Affairs
Martin Kabwelulu Minister of Mines
Crispin Atama Thabe Minister of Hydrocarbons
Jeannot Matadi Nenga Ngamanda Minister of Energy and Hydraulic Resources
Banza Mukalay Nsungu Minister of Culture and Arts
Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara Minister of Tourism
Félix Kabange Numbi Minister of Public Health
Théophile Mbemba Fundu Minister of Higher Education and Universities
Jean Nengbangba Tshibanga Minister of Technical and Vocational Education
Omer Egbake Minister of Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Housing
Justin Kalumba Mwana Ngongo Minister of Transport and Communication Channels
Daniel Madimba Kalonji Minister of Scientific Research and Technology
Mrs Bijou Kat Minister of Gender, Family and Children
Bohongo Nkoy Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises
Eugène Serufuli Minister of Rural Development
Sama Lukonde Kyenge Minister of Youth, Sports and Recreation

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