Costa Rica

Citizen’s Action Party

Published 22nd January, 2014

The Citizen’s Action Party or PAC was founded in January 2001 by former National Liberation Party (PLN) backbencher Ottón Solís. It describes itself as centre-left and believes in Christian socialism, Social democracy and Progressivism. The PAC also campaigns against corruption in public life.

In 2002 Ottón Solís stood as the party’s presidential candidate and won 26.2% of the vote, forcing an unusual second round runoff between the two main party candidates. In that election the party won 14 of the 57 seats in the National Assembly.

In 2006 the party won 17 seats and Ottón Solís nearly won the presidential election, taking 39.8% of the vote, just a few votes behind the eventual winner, PLN’s Oscar Arias Sanchez. In 2010 the party won 11 seats and Ottón Solís dropped back to 25.15% of the vote.

The Citizen’s Action Party is a member of the Foro de São Paulo (FSP).

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