Croatian Party of Rights

Published 24th November, 2011

The Croatian Party of Rights or HSP can trace its roots back to a party of the same name which existed from 1861 to 1929. The new party came into existence in February 1990. The party describes itself as far right and believes in national conservatism, social conservatism, Croatian nationalism and Euroscepticism.

In its first electoral outing the Croatian Party of Rights won five seats in 1992 with 7.06% of the vote. That was the largest percentage it was to receive to date.

In 1995 they managed four seats with 5.01% of the vote and in 2000 retained four seats but with 2.65% of the vote.

2003 was a comparatively good year fro them as part of a three party coalition in which they took eight seats with 6.4% of the vote. But in 2007 they slumped to one seat and 3.5% of the vote with the subsequent falling out that has not enhanced their future chances.

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