Czech Republic

Cabinet of the Czech Republic

Andrej Babiš Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
Pavel Bělobrádek Deputy Prime Minister for Science and Innovation
Jiří Dienstbier Minister of the Czech Republic´s Government for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities
and Legislation, Chairman of the Government Legislative Council
Lubomír Zaorálek Minister of Foreign Affairs
Martin Stropnický Minister of Defence
Milan Chovanec Minister of Internal Affairs
Jan Mládek Minister of Trade and Industry
Robert Pelikán Minister of Justice
Michaela Marksová Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Dan Tok Minister of Transport
Marian Jurečka Minister of Agriculture
Svatopluk Němeček Minister of Health
Kateřina Valachová Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
Karla Šlechtová Minister of Regional Development
Richard Brabec Minister of Environment
Daniel Herman Minister of Culture

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