Danish People’s Party

Published 28th August, 2011

The Danish People’s Party or DF (Party letter – O) was founded in 1995 by four disaffected deputies from the Progress Party, including Pia Kjærsgaard its current leader. It was established with the objective to ‘re-establish Denmark’s independence and freedom to ensure the survival of the Danish nation and the Danish monarchy’. Ideologically the party describes itself as right wing and eurosceptic.

In their first local government elections in 1997 the party won 6.7% of the vote and in the 1998 general election took 13 seats. In 2001 that increased to 22 seats and they agreed to support the new Venstre coalition government. In June 1999 they won one seat In the European elections and in 2000 they successfully led a campaign to stop Demark joining the Euro.

In 2005 their representation to parliament increased to 24 and in 2007 to 25 seats in the 179 member Folketing. They are currently the third largest party in the parliament.

The DF have two of the 13 national seats in the European Parliament and are members of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy faction.

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