Front for Restoration of Unity and Democracy

Published 21st February, 2011

The Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD) was founded in 1991 as a merger of three Afar groups, the Action for the Revision of Order in Djibouti (AROD), the Front for the Restoration of Right and Equality (FRDE) and the Djibouti Patriotic Resistance Front (FRPD).

Later in 1991 FRUD launched a rebellion against the RPP government. In 1994 the party split, with a moderate faction choosing to sign a peace agreement with the government and leading to an end to the civil war. FRUD then joined forces with the RPP and has fought all further elections in an alliance with the RPP.

In the 1997 general election FRUD took 11 of the 65 seats and the RPP took the remaining 54.

The faction that did not accept the peace deal continued to attack the government until it too signed a peace agreement in 2001.

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