Movement for Democratic Renewal and Development

Published 21st February, 2011

The Movement for Democratic Renewal and Development (PRD) was formed in September 1992 as a successor to the Movement for Peace and Reconciliation (MPR) and was, at that time, named the Party of Democratic Renewal (hence the acronym which it has retained).
The PRD was participated in the 1992 general election and won 25.41% of the vote but no representation. In the 1997 general election the party received 19.19% of the vote, but again no representation.

In 1998 the leaders of three parties signed an agreement to form an alliance and in the 2003 election they stood jointly as the Union for a Democratic Change. Collectively they won 37.3% of the vote but received no seats. In 2008 the party boycotted the general election along with the other opposition parties.

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