Dominican Republic

Dominican Liberation Party

Published 11th May, 2012

The Dominican Liberation Party or PLD has its roots in the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) which was founded in 1939 by Juan Bosch. In 1974 Bosch led a breakaway group from the PRD and formed the PLD. The current party describes itself as centre-right fiscally and centre-left socially, hence centrist. It believes in social liberalism, progressivism and modernisation.

Juan Bosch was the presidential candidate for the party in 1978, 1982 and 1986, in each case coming third. In 1990 he stood once more and came second.

The party secured Congressional seats in 1982, taking seven of the 120 seats in the Congress. From this point onwards, with one drop in 1994 due to internal problems which led to a number of defections, the party has steadily increased its representation.

In 1986 they took 14 seats, then 44 seats in 1990, a drop in 1994 to 13 seats, then back up to 49 seats in 1998 and 41 seats in 2002.

Bosch was replaced by Leonel Fernández when he retired in 1994. Fernández then went on to win the 1996, 2004 and 2008 presidential elections and is the current president of the Dominican Republic.

The party has also done well in recent elections. In 2006 they won 96 seats as part of the Progressive bloc and went on to form the government and in 2010 they took 105 of the 183 seats in the Congress. They also won 31 of 32 seats in the Senate.

The Dominican Liberation Party is a member of the Foro de São Paulo, a conference of left leaning parties.

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