Dominican Republic

Minor Parties

Published 4th March, 2011

Parties forming part of the Progressive Bloc in the 2006 general election were:

• Institutional Social Democratic Bloc (Bloque Institucional Social Démocrata, BIS)
• Alliance for Democracy (Alianza por la Democracia, APD)
• Christian Democratic Union (Unión Demócrata Cristiana)
• Dominican Workers Party (Partido de los Trabajadores Dominicanos, PTD)
• Liberal Party of the Dominican Republic (Partido Liberal de la República Dominicana, PLRD).

Parties forming part of the 2006 Grand National Alliance in the 2006 general election were:

• National Unity Party (Partido de Unidad Nacional)
• Quisqueyano Christian Democratic Party (Partido Quisqueyano Demócrata Cristiano)
• Green Party of Democratic Unity (Partido Verde de la Unidad Democrática)
• National Civic Veterans Party (Partido Nacional de Veteranos y Civiles, PNVC)
• Dominican Social Alliance (Alianza Social Dominicana)
• Popular Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Popular)
• Christian People’s Party (Partido Popular Cristiano).


• Revolutionary Social Democratic Party (Partido Revolucionario Social Demócrata)
• Movement for Independence, Unity and Change (Movimiento Independencia, Unidad y Cambio)
• Independent Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Independiente)
• National Renaissance Party (Partido Renacentista Nacional)
• Dominican Humanist Party (Partido Humanista Dominicano).

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