Dominican Republic

Social Christian Reformist Party

Published 11th May, 2012

The Social Christian Reformist Party or PRSC was founded in 1964 as a merger between the Reformist Party and the Revolutionary Social Christian Party. The party describes itself as centre-right and it believes in conservatism, Christian democracy and liberalism.

Its founder and leader of the Reformist Party, JoaquĆ­n Balaguer, was elected as president in 1966 until 1978 and then again in 1986 to 1996.

The fortunes of the party were strong throughout the 1970s and 1980s with their highest point in 1994 when they won 50 of 120 seats in Congress. In 1974 they won 86 of 91 seats in Congress. In 1978 that dropped to 43 seats, but in 1982 they went up to 50 seats albeit in an enlarged chamber with 120 seats. In 1986 they had 56 seats and in 1990 it was 41 seats.

Since then the party has declined in the polls. In 1998 their representation dropped to 36 seats and in 2006, as part of the Grand National Alliance, they declined even further to 22 seats.

In 2010 the party formed an alliance with the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and they won 8 seats, three of their own accord and a further five within the alliance.

The Social Christian Reformist Party is a member of Centrist Democrat International and the International Democrat Union; it is also a member of the Christian Democratic Organization of America.

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