Ecuadorian Roldosist Party

Published 21st January, 2013

The Ecuadorian Roldosist Party or PRE was founded in December 1982 by ex-Olympian Abdalá Jaime Bucaram who named the party after his brother-in-law Jaime Roldós Aguilera who was president from 1979 – 1981 as a candidate of the Concentration of People’s Forces. The party describes itself as Centre-left and believes in populism.

In the 1988 general election the party won eight of the 71 seats in the National Congress and Abdalá Bucaram came second in the second round runoff with 46% of the vote.

The party opposed the Borja government and benefited by taking 13 of the 77 seats in parliament in 1992 although Abdalá Bucaram came third in the presidential election.

A strong speaker Abdalá Bucaram won the 1996 presidential election in the second round runoff with 54.47% of the vote. He liked to describe himself as ‘El Loco’ or the crazy one and paid the penalty when Congress dismissed him a year later after being declared mentally unfit to rule. His party had come second in the general election with 21 of the 82 seats in the National Congress.

Bucaram was exiled to Panama and in 1998 Álvaro Fernando Noboa stood for the presidency on behalf of the party and came second in the second round runoff with 48.84% of the vote. The party won 22 seats in the 100 seat National Congress that year, their best result to date.

Since the heydays of the late nineties the party has slipped backwards. In 2002 they won 15 of 100 seats in Congress, then six seats in 2006 and just three seats in 2009.

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