January 21 Patriotic Society Party

Published 21st January, 2013

The January 21 Patriotic Society Party or PSP was founded on 4th March 2002. The party describes itself as Right-wing and believes in Nationalism, Populism and Conservatism.

In its first electoral outing in 2002 the party managed to win six of the 100 seats in the National Assembly, partly in alliance with other parties and its presidential candidate Lucio Gutiérrez succeeded in winning the presidential election in the second round runoff with 54.79% of the vote.

Gutiérrez did not have a strong parliamentary party to support his policies and his presidency soon unravelled. In 2004 he tried to dissolve the Supreme Court and in 2005 he was deposed from the presidency.

Lucio Gutiérrez was not permitted to stand in the 2006 general election and his brother Gilmar Gutierrez stood in his place. Gilmar came third with 17.42% of the vote but the party did much better, winning 24 of the 100 seats in the National Congress making them the second largest party.

Lucio Gutiérrez regained his right to stand as a presidential candidate in 2008 and in 2009 he stood as the party’s candidate once more. But this time he was up against incumbent president Rafael Correa and came second in the first and only round with 28.24% of the vote. The party did less well in the general election, taking just 19 of the 124 seats in the National Assembly

Lucio Gutiérrez is the party’s candidate again in the 2013 presidential and general election.

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