Pachakutik Plurinational Unity Movement – New Country

Published 21st January, 2013

The Pachakutik Plurinational Unity Movement – New Country or MUPP-ND was founded in 1996 by television journalist Freddy Ehlers. The party describes itself as Left-wing and believes in Indigenism, Anti-capitalism, Socialism and anti-corruption.

Freddy Ehlers came third in the presidential election of 1996 with 20.61% and the party took seven of the 82 seats in the National Congress. In 1998 Ehlers slipped to fourth place and the party took six seats. But in 2002 the party supported the candidacy of Lucio Gutiérrez of the January 21 Patriotic Society Party (PSP) and won five seats becaming part of the ruling coalition, but the alliance only lasted three months and the new president dismissed its ministers.

In 2006 the party won six seats but dropped back to four seats in 2009 and has had little subsequent success in presidential elections.

Although the party claims to represent the interests of indigenous people only a small number support its aims and reports suggest that most feel it compromises on too many issues.

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