Cabinet of Ecuador

Rafael Correa President
Jorge Glas Vice-President
Javier Ponce Minister of Agriculture, Cattle, Aquaculture and Fishing
Daniel Ortega Pacheco Minister of Environment
Raúl Vallejo Minister of Culture and Heritage
Ricardo Patiño Minister of National Defence
Xavier Enderica Salgado Minister of Sports
María de los Ángeles Duarte Minister of Urban Development and Housing
Augusto Espinosa Andrade Minister of Education
Esteban Albornoz Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy
Fausto Herrera Minister of Finance
Lídice Larrea Viteri Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion
José Serrano Salgado Minister of the Interior
Ledy Zúñiga Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Religious Affairs
Guillaume Long Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility
Juan Carlos Cassinelli Minister of Foreign Trade
José Icaza Romero Minister of Hydrocarbons
Javier Córdova Minister of Mining
Vinicio Alvarado Espinel Minister of Industry and Productivity
Augusto Espín Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society
Leonardo Berrezueta Carrion Minister of Labour
Margarita Guevara Alvarado Minister of Public Health
Walter Solís Valarezo Minister of Transport and Public Works
Fernando Alvarado Minister of Tourism
Gabriela Rosero Coordinating Minister of Social Development
Patricio Rivera Yánez Coordinating Minister of Economic Policy
Vacant Coordinating Minister of Production, Employment and Competitiveness
Rafael Poveda Bonilla Coordinating Minister of Strategic Sectors
César Navas Vera Coordinating Minister of Security
Andrés Arauz Coordinating Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent
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