Estonian Reform Party

Published 17th February, 2011

The Estonian Reform Party (ER or sometimes RE) was founded in 1994 by Siim Kallas as a centre right, pro-market party. The ER incorporated the Estonian Liberal Democratic Party (ELDP) at that time.

The ER is currently a member of Liberal International and the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR).

In the 1995 general election ER won 19 seats and was the second largest party in parliament. In the 1999 election they dropped one seat (to 18 seats) coming third and in 2003 they returned to 19 seats.

In the 2007 general election the Reform Party did well and won an additional 12 seats, taking them to first place with 31 seats out of 101 seats in the parliament or Riigikogu. It is led by the current Prime Minister Andrus Ansip.

The Reform Party has been in coalition government on a number of occasions including:

• 1995 – 1997 with the Estonian Coalition Party (defunct)
• March 1999 – December 2001 with the Pro Patria Union and Moderates
• January 2002 – March 2003 with the Estonian Centre Party
• March 2003 – March 2005 with Res Publica and the Estonian People’s Union
• March 2005 – March 2007 with the Estonian Centre Party and Estonian People’s Union
• March 2007 – May 2009 with the Union of Pro Patria & Res Publica and the Social Democratic Party
• May 2009 – to date with the Union of Pro Patria & Res Publica in a minority government.

The party believes in a free market, low taxes and an end to conscription.

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