National Federation Party

Published 3rd July, 2014

The National Federation Party or NFP was founded in November 1968 as a merger of the Federation Party and the National Democratic Party. The party is largely supported by Indo-Fijians.

In 1972 the party won 19 seats in the 50 seat House of Representatives to come second. In March 1977 they won 26 seats to become the largest party but split immediately after the election in a dispute over the leadership and failed to form a government.

In September 1977 the party was still divided and stood as two parties in the election with one faction winning three seats and the other took 12 seats. The division and arguments cost them 11 seats and they ended up in second and third place in the parliament.

By 1982 the party had managed to settle most of its differences and won 22 seats in the general election that year, but it still left them in second place.

In 1987 the party did a deal with the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) and between them they won 28 of the 52 seats in the parliament. On 13th April 1987 Timoci Bavadra of the Fiji Labour Party became Prime Minister. However, the transfer of power was from an indigenous-led Conservative government to a multi-ethnic led coalition.

Bavandra’s tenure was painfully short when on 14th May 1987 Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka carried out a coup d’état.

Democracy was restored following a new constitution ratified in 1990 which ensured that the President, Prime Minister and more than half of the Senate and House of Representatives were reserved for indigenous Fijians.

In the 1992 general election because the NFP decided to boycott the election they split with the FLP. In the final result, having reversed their decision to boycott the election, the NFP won 14 seats.

In 1994 that total went up to 20 seats but after that the FLP took most of their votes and in the 1999, 2001 and 2006 elections they won no seats.

In 2013 the NFP decided to join forces with the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) and the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) to form an alliance called the United Front for a Democratic Fiji.

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