Christian Democrats

Published 31st March, 2011

The Christian Democrats or KD were founded in 1958 to promote Christian values and resist secularisation. Their stated aims are respect of human dignity, the importance of family and close communities, defending the weak, encouraging resourcefulness and individual and collective responsibility, not just for themselves but also for their neighbours and the rest of creation.

The KD won their first seat in 1970 with 1.13% of the vote and up to and including the 1979 election kept on increasing their representation, taking 9 seats and 4.77% of the vote that year.

In 1983 they lost six seats and dropped to 3.03%, falling further in 1987 and lingering around the 2.5% to 3% mark until 1999 when they took 10 seats and 4.17% of the vote. This was their best result ever. In 2003 they took 7 seats and 5.34% of the vote and in 2007 took 7 seats and 4.86% of the vote.

The Christian Democrats are members of the Centrist Democrat International and observer member of the European people’s party (EPP)

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