National Coalition Party

Published 31st March, 2011

The National Coalition Party or KOK is a centre right party which was founded in December 1918. The party states its beliefs in individual freedom, western democracy and economic system, humane principles and caring. It takes its main support from the cities in Southern Finland.

Originally a monarchist party it has reconciled itself to the republic and was involved in several coalitions during the inter war years. KOJK was a member party of the five governments between 1939 and 1944.

From 1944 to 1958 KOK remained in opposition, but between 1958 and 1966 they were involved in government once more. In 1966 their share of the vote dropped to 13.8% and they remained in opposition for over twenty years until 1987 when they took 23.1% of the vote and 53 seats. In 1987 they formed a four party coalition with the SDP, Swedish People’s Party (RKP/SFP) and Finnish Rural party (SMP, later True Finns Party).

In 1991 KOK took 19.3% of the vote and slipped to 40 seats and third largest party. They remained in government as a junior member. They dropped back further in 1995 with 17.9% of the vote and 39 seats, but remained in government.

In 1999 the party fared better and took 21% of the vote and 46 seats, joining the SDP led government again.

In 2003 their position improved marginally, taking 40 seats with 18.5% of the vote. In 2007 they did even better and took 22.3% of the vote and 50 seats (gaining a further seat from a green League defection in 2008). They entered into the Centre Party led four party coalition and currently hold 20 portfolios in the government.

KOK is a member of the International Democrat Union (IDU) and European People’s Party (EPP).

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