The Left Alliance

Published 31st March, 2011

The Left Alliance or VAS was formed in April 1990 at a Helsinki Congress of left wing and communist groups. Subsequently the Finnish Communist Party (SKP) and the Finnish People’s Democratic League (SKDL) voted to disband in favour of the new party.

In its first election after being founded the VAS took 10.2% of the vote and 19 seats in the 1991 general election. They improved on that position taking 22 seats in 1995 with 11.16% of the vote.

Since then the Left Alliance has gently slid backwards, taking 20 seats in 1999, 19 seats in 2003 and 17 seats in 2007. In this last election their share of the vote had dropped to 8.82%.

During the 1995 to 2003 period the party held three portfolios in the two coalition governments.

VAS is a member of the Nordic Green Left Alliance and the Party of the European Left.

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