New Centre

Published 23rd February, 2012

The New Centre or NC, also known as the European Social Liberal Party was founded in May 2007. It describes itself as centre-right and believes in centrism, Liberalism, social liberalism and pro-Europeanism.

When the Union for French Democracy (UDF) merged with other parties to form the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) in 2002, François Bayrou and others disagreed and continued a rump UDF. Bayrou also disagreed with the party’s support for the UMP presidential candidate in 2007 and established a new party, the Democratic Movement (MoDem). Other members of the UDF disagreed with this line, wanted to support Sarkozy and subsequently established the New Centre.

In the 2007 general election the New Centre won 22 of 577 seats in the French National Assembly.

In June 2011 the party joined The Alliance, a coalition of centrist and liberal parties who have decided to cut their ties with the UMP led by Nicolas Sarkozy.

The New Centre has three of the 74 national seats in the European parliament and is a member of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the parliament.

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