The Greens

Published 23rd February, 2012

The Greens or LV were formed in 1984 but had previously existed as an environmentalist group. Originally called the Ecologist Confederation – Ecologist Party, in 2010 they were merged with the Europe Écologie and formed the Europe Écologie – The Greens. They describe themselves as Green and believe in Social progressivism and Ecologism.

In the first three elections the Greens made no headway, taking no seats, but in 1997 they won seven of the 577 seats in the French National Assembly. In 2002 that dropped to three seats and in 2007 went up to four seats.

The Greens have done better in European elections. In their first outing they took nine of the 81 national seats in the 1989 European elections. They lost all of those seats in 1994, but came back and won nine seats in 1999 and six seats in 2004. Currently the new party (as a result of the Europe Écologie) holds 14 of the 74 national seats in the European Parliament and are part of the European Greens – European Free Alliance within parliament.

The Greens are members of the Global Greens and the European Greens.

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