National Woodcutters Rally

Published 5th December, 2011

The National Woodcutters Rally was founded in 1991 by Fr. Paul M’ba Abessole. The party has been associated with the International Democrat union through the Democrat union of Africa, making it a centre-right leaning party.

The Party which was then called the Rally of Woodcutters won 20 out of 63 seats in the National Assembly in the first multi-party elections in 1990.

In 1996 their tally dropped to seven seats, in 2001 that stabilised at eight seats and they won eight seats in 2006.

The party is a member of the current governing coalition.

In 1998 a split occurred within the party when the National Woodcutters’ Rally – Democratic (RNB) was formed by Pierre-Andre Kombila. The main party is sometime referred to as the National Woodcutters Rally – Rally for Gabon to make the differentiation.

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