Gabonese Democratic Party

Published 10th March, 2011

The Gabonese Democratic Party or PDG was founded in 1968 by Omar Bongo. The party is largely a personality based party.

From the 1969 election onwards until 1990 the PDG was the only legitimate party and won every election (1969, 1975, 1980, and 1985).

Likewise Omar Bongo became president in 1973 as the only candidate standing, he also won in similar fashion in 1979 and 1986. Prior to him, Léon M’ba had been elected as president under an early party name of the Gabonese Democratic Bloc.

In 1990 the country was opened up to multi-party elections but the Gabonese Democratic Party still dominated and has won every election to date. In 1990 they took 63 of the 120 seats in the National Assembly, their worst result. In 1996 that went up to 85 seats, in 2001 they took 88 seats and in 2006 they dropped slightly to 82 seats.

In presidential elections since the start of the multi-party era, Omar Bongo won in 1993 with 51.2% of the vote, in 1998 with 66.9% of the vote and in 2005 with 79.18% of the vote.

Omar Bongo died on 8th June 2009 and was succeeded by his son, Ali Bongo Ondimba who won the subsequent presidential election, taking 41.73% of the vote with his closest rival on 25.88%.

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