National Alliance for Democracy and Development

Published 4th November, 2011

The National Alliance for Democracy and Development is a coalition of five parties which was founded in 2005. The five parties were:

National Democratic Action Movement (NDAM)
National Reconciliation Party (NRP)
People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS)
People’s Progressive Party (PPP) United Democratic Party (UDP).

The UDP left the alliance in 2006 and stood independently.

The People’s Progressive Party was the dominant party in The Gambia from 1970 until 1994 when they were ousted from government in a coup. In the 1996 and 1997 elections they and their members were banned from standing in elections, but the law was relaxed in 2001.

The stated goal of the alliance is “to put an end to self-perpetuating rule, ensure the empowerment of the people so that they can participate in sustainable development.”

In the 2006 presidential election their candidate, Halifa Sallah, won 5.98% of the vote and in the 2007 general election they won one seat in the 53 seat National Assembly.

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