Minor Parties

Published 10th March, 2011

Parties represented in State Parliaments:

• Free Voters
• Pirate Party Germany
• National Democratic Party of Germany
• South Schleswig Voter Federation
• Citizens in Rage
• Alternative for Germany

Other parties:

• Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany (APPD)
• Bavaria Party (BP)
• Bergpartei, die “ÜberPartei” (B)
• Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo)
• German Centre Party (ZENTRUM)
• Christian Centre (CM)
• Communist Party of Germany (Roter Morgen)
• Communist Party of Germany (1990)
• Ecological Democratic Party (ödp)
• Family Party of Germany
• Feminist Party of Germany (DIE FRAUEN)
• German Communist Party (DKP)
• German Social Union (DSU)
• Human Environment Animal Protection (Die Tierschutzpartei)
• Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD)
• Party of Bible-abiding Christians (PBC)
• Party of Reason (pdv)
• Revolutionary Socialist League (RSB)
• Social Equality Party (PSG)
• Statt Party
• The Freedom – Civil rights Party for more Freedom and Democracy
• The Party
• The Friesen
• The Republicans (REP)
• pro Germany Citizens’ Movement

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