Convention People’s Party

Published 31st October, 2012

The Convention People’s Party or CPP was founded in 1996 but the party can trace its history back much further. It describes itself as a left-wing party which believes in Nukrumaism, Socialism and Pan-Africanism.

The CPP was part of the original United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) which fought to gain independence and which was founded in 1947. Kwame Nkrumah a founding member of the UGCC then left and founded the CPP in 1949 and they were successful in winning the 1951 general election. The party continued to lead the country until a coup d’état in 1966 at which point the party was banned.

In 1996 the National Convention Party and the People’s Convention Party merged and formed a new Convention People’s Party. The party has contested every election since then but has never achieved the successes of its former days. In 1996 they won one seat with the same result in 2000. In 2004 they went up to 3 seats in the 230 parliament but dropped back to one seat in 2008.

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