People’s National Convention

Published 31st October, 2012

The People’s National Convention or PNC was re-founded in 1992 by President Hilla Limann. Originally the party had been founded in 1979 and had formed the government with Hilla Limann as president and with 71 of the 141 seats in parliament, but it was dissolved in December 1981 after a coup d’état. It is a centre-left party and believes in Socialism.

In its present format, the party has fought every election since 1996 but with limited success. In 1996 it took five of the 200 seats in parliament, that went down to three seats in 2000. In 2004 the People’s National Convention won four seats but in an enlarged parliament of 230 seats. In 2008 the tally of seats dropped to two seats.

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