Guyana Action Party/Rise Organise and Rebuild Guyana Movement

Published 19th July, 2011

GAP/ROAR is an alliance of smaller political parties built up over a number of years.

The Guyana Action Party (GAP) was formed in the mid 1970s as an alliance of left wing groups which included the Working People’s Alliance (WPA). In 2001 the alliance took 2.4% of the vote and two seats in the 65 seat National Assembly.

In August 2006 the coalition then entered into an alliance with ROAR to fight the 2006 election. ROAR itself was founded in 1999 and in the 2001 election took one seat with 0.9% of the vote. The alliance won just one seat with 1.3% of the vote, which was a net loss of two seats.

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