Christian Democratic Party of Honduras

Published 22nd November, 2013

Christian Democratic Party of Honduras or DC (also referred to as PDCH) was founded on 10th September 1968. It describes itself as Centrist or Centre-left and believes in Christian democracy.

The party is first recorded as having fought an election in 1981 when its presidential candidate took 1.6% of the vote, coming fourth, and the party won one seat. That increased to two seats in the 1985 general election but in 1989, 1993 and 1997 the party did badly and didn’t win a single seat.

They re-emerged on the national scene in 2001 when they won three seats and went on to support the National Party of Honduras (PNH) administration of President Maduro.

In 2005 their tally increased to four seats and then to five of 128 seats in 2009. Their presidential candidate, Felicito Ávila, came fourth with 1.79% of the vote.

The Christian Democratic Party of Honduras is a member of the Centrist Democrat International and regionally the Christian Democratic Organization of America as well as the Democratic Centre group of the Central American Parliament.

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