Progressive Party

Published 16th May, 2012

The Progressive Party or PP was founded in 1916 to represent farming and fishing interests. It describes itself as a Centrist party and believes in Agrarianism, Nationalism and Centrism. Traditionally the party has opposed European Union membership.

In its first election in 1919 the Progressive Party took seven of 26 seats in the Althing. Since then it has fought in 32 general elections and taken, in most cases, second place. In 1927 the PP was the largest party with 13 of 28 seats in the Althing. In 1031 they were tops with 16 of 28 seats and in 1937 they came first with 12 of 33 seats as they did in July 1942 when they took 14 of 33 seats.

In the last two general elections the Progressive Party has dropped into fourth place, taking seven of 63 seats in 2007 and nine of 63 seats in 2009.

The Progressive Party has formed coalition governments with various parties across the years, predominantly the Independence Party, but also the People’s Alliance and the Social Democratic Party.

The Progressive Party is a member of Liberal International.

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