Social Democratic Alliance

Published 16th May, 2012

The Social Democratic Alliance or SDA was originally launched as an electoral alliance between the Social Democratic Party, People’s Alliance, Women’s Alliance and the National Movement. Following their poor showing the May 1999 general election the parties merged into a single party in May 2000. The party describes itself as centre-left and believes in Social Democracy.

The merger of the four parties was an attempt to bring all of the centre-left parties under one umbrella organisation. The move failed after a group of left wing members of the Althing did not approve of the agenda of the new party and established the Left-Green Movement.

In the 2003 election the new party took 20 of the 63 seats in the Althing or parliament. In 2007 that dropped to 18 seats, but in 2009 they went back up to 20 seats and emerged as the largest party in the parliament, the first time the centre-right Independence Party was knocked into second place.

In 2009 the Social Democratic Alliance went on to form a coalition government with the Left-Green Movement.

The Social Democratic Alliance is a member party of Socialist International and an associate member of the Party of European Socialists.

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