National Mandate Party

Published 24th March, 2014

The National Mandate Party or PAN was formed by Amien Rais and others on 23rd August 1998, initially as the People’s Mandate Party (PAB) but subsequently the name was changed to its current title. The party describes itself as moderate Islamist and believes in the principles of religious morality, humanity and prosperity. The party ideology is based on Pancasila which has five key strands, belief in the divinity of God, a just and civilized humanity, the unity of Indonesia, democracy and social justice.

In the 1999 elections PAN won 7.4% of the vote and 34 seats in the People’s Representative Council. The same year the party gave its backing to Abdurrahman Wahid in his successful Presidential bid, but were also one of the first to seek his resignation two years later.

In 2004 the party increased its seats to 53 but on a 6.4% of the vote. Amien Rais was its presidential candidate but he managed only fourth place with 14.66% of the vote.

In 2009 the party dropped back to 46 seats with 6.1% of the vote and in the Presidential election it supported the successful bid of incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to be re-elected.

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