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About political parties in Iran

There are a large number of organisations in Iran that call themselves political parties. Some organisations are more like NGOs and pressure groups with single issue interests. There are a […] more ->

Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran

The Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran or ABII (also known as Abadgaran) was founded on 11th April 2003. The party describes itself as far right and believes in Islamism, […] more ->

Association of Combatant Clerics

The Association of Combatant Clerics or ACC was established in March 1988. It describes itself as centrist and believes in moderate Islamism and reformism. The party scored success in the […] more ->

Combatant Clergy Association

The Combatant Clergy Association or CCA was founded in 1977 by a group of clerics, including the current supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, determined to overthrow the Shah’s regime. They believe […] more ->

Executives of Construction Party

The Executives of Construction Party or ECP was founded in 1996 by ten serving Cabinet ministers, four vice-presidents, the Governor of the Central Bank and the Mayor of Tehran to […] more ->

Islamic Coalition Party

The Islamic Coalition Party or ICP was founded in 1963 and prior to 2004 was known as the Islamic Coalition Society. From 1979 many of its members became involved in […] more ->

Islamic Society of Engineers

The Islamic Society of Engineers or ISE was founded in 1988. They describe themselves as far right and believe in Islamism and national conservatism. They say that the society was […] more ->

Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran

The Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran or MTPII, was founded in 2006. It believes in Islamism, conservatism, nationalism and moderation. The MTPII supports justice, freedom, and the moral rule […] more ->

National Trust Party

The National Trust Party (sometimes referred to as the National Confidence Party) or NTP was founded in 2005 by the former Speaker Mehdi Karroubi. The party believes in populism, reformism […] more ->

The Green Path of Hope

The Green Path of Hope was founded by Mir-Hossein Mousavi on 15th August 2009. It describes itself as centrist and believes in Islamic democracy, reform, economic reform and constitutionalism. The […] more ->