Islamic Society of Engineers

Published 26th January, 2012

The Islamic Society of Engineers or ISE was founded in 1988. They describe themselves as far right and believe in Islamism and national conservatism.

They say that the society was formed with the objectives of “elevating the Islamic, political, scientific and technical knowledge of the Muslim people of Iran, defending major freedoms such as freedom of expression and gatherings, as well as continued campaign against foreign cultural agents whether Eastern or Western materialism.”

The ISE is a member of the (Conservative) Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran (or Abadgara) which won 195 of the 290 seats in the 2008 general election.

President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is a member of the ISE, although they did not support him in the presidential election of 2005 when he won 61.69% of the vote. He did receive their support in the disputed 2009 presidential election when he won with 62.63% of the vote.

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