Minor Parties

Published 10th March, 2011

The following are known to have submitted lists for the 2013 general election:

• Hatnuah
• Yesh Atid
• Whole Nation
• Otzma Leisrael (Strength to Israel)
• Arab Zionist Party
• The Economics Party
• Kulanu Chaveirim
• Netzah
• Pirate Party.

Other parties:

• Ahim Anahnu (“We are brothers”)
• Brit Olam LeGe’ulat Yisrael (“Covenant for the Redemption of Israel”)
• Da’am Workers Party
• Dor Bonei HaAretz (“Generation of Nation builders”)
• Eretz Hadasha (“New Land)
• Ale Yarok-Liberal List
• Haim BeKavod (“Living with Dignity”)
• HaTikva LeShinui (“The Hope for Change”)
• HaYisraelim
• Koah LeHashpi’a
• Or
• Progressive Liberal-Democratic
• Moreshet Avot
• One Future
• The Green and Young for a Green Future in Israel
• Tzedek Hevrati (“Social Justice”).

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