Left Ecology Freedom

Published 27th February, 2013

The Left Ecology Freedom or SEL was founded on 16th March 2009 just prior to European Elections and was a coalition of parties attempting to get over the electoral threshold. The original parties forming the coalition were the Movement for the Left (MpS), Socialist Party (PS), Federation of the Greens (FV) Democratic Left (SD) and Unite the Left (UlS). The party describes itself as Left-wing and believes in Democratic Socialism and Eco-Socialism.

The party failed to win any seats in the European parliamentary election and some members drifted off after their failure.

The Left Ecology Freedom stood as part of Pier Luigi Bersani’s ‘Italy, Common Good’ coalition in the 2013 general election and won 37 of the 630 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and seven seats in the 315 seat Senate or upper house.

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