New Nation Coalition

Published 12th December, 2011

The New Nation Coalition or NNC is a new party which was formed on 4th August 2010 by historian and former People’s National Party (PNP) supporter, Betty Ann Blaine. Blaine was a founding member of the United People’s Party (UPP) which was founded in 2001 and dissolved soon after the 2002 general election. The NNC describes itself as a nationalist party and espouses Christian values.

They list their guiding principles as:

• Every Jamaican is to be valued, in an equitable and just society.
• Every Jamaican has a right to a good quality of life.
• Justice, Peace and Prosperity must be a reality for every citizen.
• Abandonment and exclusion of the poor can no longer be a fact of life.
• Jamaica already has a road “MAP” for building a New Nation. This consists of our national Motto, Anthem and Pledge.
• The welfare of Jamaican children and the protection of their rights must be of the highest national priority.

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