Japan Restoration Party

Published 30th November, 2012

The Japan Restoration Party or JRP or Nippon Ishin no Kai was founded on 12th September 2012. It describes itself as a Right-wing party and believes in Federalism, Conservatism and Economic Liberalism.

The JRP currently has 11 members of the House of Representatives all of which are defectors from other parties including the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). In the upper House of Councillors they have seven members.

On 17th November 2012 the JRP merged with the Sunrise Party. The Sunrise Party (SP) was founded 10th April 2010 by defectors of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). They too describe themselves as Right-wing and believe in National Conservatism and Japanese nationalism. Prior to the merger the Sunrise Party had two members of the House of Representatives and three members of the upper House of Councillors.

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