About Jordanian Political Parties

Published 11th March, 2011

In much of the period since independence in 1946 Jordan has held elections whilst political parties have been banned. That has built up a tradition of candidates standing as independents or tribal representatives. As a result there is only one really organised party in Jordan, the Islamic Action Front (IAF). All other parties tend to be poorly organised and weak and as a result many people continue to stand as independents.

The latest changes in the law, although encouraging political parties is unlikely to make little difference to traditional attitudes. Therefore we have listed only the IAF as a proper political party.

Other parties known to exist in one form or another are:

• Arab Baath Party
• Call Party
• Communist Party of Jordan
• Islamic Center Party
• Jordanian Democratic People’s Party (Hashed)
• Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party
• Jordanian National Party
• Jordanian United Front
• Life Party
• Message Party
• National Constitutional Party
• National Current Party
• National Movement for Direct Democracy.

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