Published 23rd March, 2011

Fatherland or Nur Otan is the predominant party of Kazakhstan and the party of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The merger of the People’s Unity Party of Kazakhstan (SNEK), the Democratic Movement of Kazakhstan and the For Kazakhstan 20-30 Movement led to the foundation of Fatherland on 12th February 1999. At that stage the party was known as Otan.

In the October 1999 elections Fatherland took 30.9% of the vote and 23 of the 77 seats in the Majilis or lower house.

In 2004 the party improved its position and took 60.6% of the vote and 42 seats.

In September 2006 the party merged with Asar the party of Nazarbayev’s daughter Dariga Nazarbayeva, giving it a further four seats. In December 2006 a further two parties merged with Fatherland, the Civic Party and Agrarian Party increasing the number of seats further to 57 seats in the 77 seat assembly.

In the party congress which followed in December 2006 the party decided to rename itself Nur Otan.

In the 18th August 2007 general election the party took 88.05% of the vote and all 98 elected seats in the Majilis.

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