Political Parties in Kiribati

Published 11th March, 2011

Political parties in Kiribati have a history of being very loose groupings rather than disciplined blocs. Members may change allegiance and will vote independently on issues affecting their electorates. The Independents have always played a major role in the government of Kiribati.

As of 23rd August 2010 the Speaker of Parliament recognised three parties.

Pillars of Truth (Boutokaan Te Koaua) (BTK)

Is a splinter group of the National Progressive Party. In 2003 the party won 16 of the 42 House of Assembly seats and in 2007 they won 18 of 46 seats.

In 2003 their candidate, Anote Tong won the presidential election with 47.4% of the vote and was re-elected in 2007 with 64.3%, although the ballot was boycotted by the opposition.

In 2011 the party won 15 seats, a drop of three from 2007.  Their presidential candidate, Anote Tong, won the 2012 election, taking 42.18% of the vote, which means that he will complete the maximum three terms allowed under the constitution.

United Coalition Party (Karikirakean Tei-Kiribati) (KTK)

Is the result of the merger of Protect the Maneaba (Maneaban Te Mauri) (MMP) and the Kiribati Tabomoa Party. Earlier, the MMP had been formed as a merger between the Christian Democratic Party and a faction of the National Progressive Party.

In the 2003 elections the party had won 24 of 42 seats in the House of Assembly and in 2007 they won seven seats.

In the 2011 general election the party did better once more and won ten seats in the, now, 44 seat House of Assembly.

Maurin Kiribati Party (MKP)

In the 2011 general election the party won three of 44 seats in the House of Assembly.

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